Two Color Exercise

It's just an exercise, so try to not be horrified. Sometimes I get stuck and feel like I can't do anything. I'll go for a while without painting then I'll come up with an exercise just to snap myself out of it. You can try it too!

In this case, my idea out of nowhere was a watercolor using just two colors (randomly chosen from my paint box: Indanthrene Blue and Raw Sienna) and one brush (#10 flat sable).

I had an image in mind of Cape Meares (Oregon Coast) point, a man on the beach with a walking stick and some rocks and driftwood in the foreground. -- Starting with a very light wash of raw sienna over pretty much the entire paper, I then drew in a far shoreline (base of cape) with some indanthrene blue and whisped around some sky to make the clouds appear. I then darkened the hillside with more raw sienna and added indanthrene blue shadows, a horizon line and some wave details...

On a side note, I really don't like Indanthrene Blue; to me it's too saturated and stainy. But I studied under AWS master Domenic DiStefano and he loved it, so I  always have a tube in my box. I was just glad to be able to use some of it. :)

By the way, there was no preliminary drawing here, I just started painting. The approach of abstract impressionism lets your mind fill in the details from minimal information. It works. -- The little guy with the walking stick was drawn-in with near-straight Indanthrene, and straight out of the tube paint was used for the foreground driftwood and rocks.

Well, the point of all of this is, one can always challenge oneself just to do something different. It might not be pretty but it's always a learning experience.  Like I said, try it!

I sent that painting out on Monday the 18th of last month so we should be hearing from our winner soon. And I still have some prints to give away....

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  1. I love the painting. It's very dreamlike and magical. It's soft and delicate. I love the light in the picture it's luminous and airy. Beautiful work.


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