Nestucca River Oregon Pastel Painting

Oregon Paste Painting, Nestucca River and Bay impressionist

At last, a new work! ...It was high time I worked with my pastels again; as a teenage artist I was known for my pastels but for some reason I've just drifted away from them. Today, pastels are back.

This work was completed just this morning. Total time to complete: About 2 hours. I've painted this subject before, but it is a beautiful area and I wanted to revisit it. Now, I did this using my plen air drawing board and paper (Canson 9x12 recycled). Had I used a paper with more tooth, I could have added additional values but the paper was saturated so this is what we have.

As it has been a while since I worked in pastels, it felt a little awkward at first. But I got comfy fairly quickly. I could be wrong but I think it's a keeper.

UPDATE: I used this painting as a reference for a slightly larger version. That painting was entered in the local county fair art competition. It won FIRST PLACE for landscape on paper and BEST IN CLASS (All works on paper).

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