Oregon Painter, The Real Story - Welcome

Welcome to my world...

Over the past few years I developed a small following on eBay, where I became known as The Painter Of Oregon.. thanks to one overzealous writer. The truth is, I've come to accept the fact that I'll never be the artist I always wished I could be (since childhood).

I'm a native and I love to paint my home state. I do a lot more than just paint Oregon scenery and I hope you'll get to know me better as time goes on.

I grew up mostly in Tillamook county, although I had some early childhood experiences in California... mostly experience being part of a homeless family and living in a car. Well, it was a different way to grow up, anyway.

That's probably part of why I've bounced around in careers. I've been a fishing boat captain, a church pastor, a volunteer firefighter, a web designer, a book editor, a Park Ranger assistant, a guitar teacher, a wedding photographer (assistant), a computer network administrator... and probably several other things I've forgotten for the moment.

Anyway, continuing with the bio: There's college, too; Blue Mountain Community College, Clatsop Community College, Eastern Oregon, Nortwest Bible and much later Western Medical College. Later still, the New York Institute of Photography. And with all of that, I ended up using nothing of my "education."

Instead, I basically make a living as a computer monkey; doing layout and editing work for 'zines and small book publishers. On the side, I sell a few paintings, a few prints and posters and a few (very few) Cartoon T-shirts and word-art gifts.

One thing some find interesting regarding my painting is that all of the works you will see here are painted using just three colors: Cadmium Red, Cobalt Blue and Yellow Ochre. Some people think this isn't possible but the real trick is in knowing how to mix these colors into a broad spectrum of colors and values.

From time to time, I will post paintings and photos here, focusing on my love affair with Oregon, my home. Keep checking back and feel free to offer your thoughts. Thank you.

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